There’s A System To Everything

Problems are usually just a temporary hitch looking for a solution. That’s also a pretty healthy way to think of problems or hassles that you come across day to day.

There’s usually a simple solution too. It just might take a little time to come up with it. Our brain can easily get overwhelmed if stressed by something, which can make seeing even the simplest solution strangely difficult.

So instead of feeling stressed about it, just write the problem down in a notebook, and leave the thought there.


This may sound a little strange, but what this does is take away the stress of needing to come up with an immediate solution. It helps you to stop actively thinking about it. This system of attacking your problems leaves your subconscious brain (the part that works while you sleep) to mull things over and gradually come up with more creative solutions. This is particularly effective overnight. Treat it as a bit of a game – write your problem down just before you sleep and not only will it help you to sleep without worrying about it, but your brain will quietly work away on the problem and you will quite likely wake up in the morning with some ideas on how to fix the problem. That’s the amazing power you can unleash by playing little games with your brain.

You can apply simple systems like this to many tasks in life. There’s a system for everything from winning at games such as netball to winning other games like the lottery – e.g. just look at this Winslips lottery system review (OK, that last one might be stretching things just a little bit – luck is really the biggest problem you’ll face when it comes to winning lotto games – but you can find lots of lottery systems out that do claim to help you. They can’t all be wrong!).

So next time you hit a problem, don’t feel stressed, just let this simple system empower your brain to find it’s own solution. You’ll be amazed how effective this can be.

In fact, you might have heard your wise old grandparents say “just sleep on it, things will look different in the morning” – now you know why there’s a very good reason for saying that.

So give those problems more time, just accept them and live with them for a while. It’s just a part of normal life.

When Did We All Become Gaming Fans?

It happened fast, but playing games went from being something that mostly teenagers with games consoles did – or those ‘older kids’ who could afford an expensive gaming PC with high powered graphics – to now, where we all play games. Even your Mum has Angry Birds on her phone. And your kid sister is playing Club Penguin, Minecraft or most likely now – the hit sensation that is Roblox.


But the key to many of these apparently very different games is that apart from being fun, they connect us in ways older games never did. They have ‘social’ elements. At the very least they have ways to share and compare our progress or scores, so we encourage and compete with each other. Or in many cases we actually play alongside or against our friends.

That’s not a new idea by any means. Multi-player online games have been around for a very long time. It’s just being done in a much more user friendly way – and on devices that we all have around us all the time.

What is a strange new way is Roblox. ‘Old people’,  i.e. over 30 😉 , will struggle to understand a social element where everyone is anonymous. That is, you don’t use real names or where you live (these things are against the rules), instead you make friends and connect with people you will never know the real identity of and will never meet in real life. Strange to many of us, but hugely popular to young folk.

It’s one thing to disappear into a gaming world for a few hours – that takes a certain kind of fan. But dipping in and out of Clash Of Clans for a few minutes every hour or so, that’s something that suits our busy lives. We can have a quick play whilst waiting in a queue, or sat on the bus, or waiting for a friend to arrive.

It’s now so automatic that we’re playing games while talking to our friends! That’s maybe a little impolite and should probably be avoided, but it just shows how much games have become a part of our daily lives. Just a few short years ago you could be pretty sure someone was texting if they had their head down looking at their phone – now they are either on Facebook, watching a video or even more likely, playing games.

Some Games To Try

Here’s a whole series of guide games to play (keep watching for all of them):-

There’s lots of other games you can play too of course. Get in touch if you would like to share some of the games you play.

Other games we like include some of the lottery games. If you’re in the UK you’ll love for finding great lottery syndicates for EuroMillions for example.

EuroMillions is a really popular game played in lots of countries around Europe. So far they are up to 9 countries joining in the fun. Hopefully other countries will join the game in the time.

There are various different syndicate groups to choose between, but one of their favourites is this review of the You Play We Play syndicate. Mainly as it just gives you a simple straightforward better chance of winning.

The thing about playing together in a group is not only that it’s more fun, but you always get a better chance of winning with a good team 🙂