Some Games To Try

Here’s a whole series of guide games to play (keep watching for all of them):-

There’s lots of other games you can play too of course. Get in touch if you would like to share some of the games you play.

Other games we like include some of the lottery games. If you’re in the UK you’ll love for finding great lottery syndicates for EuroMillions for example.

EuroMillions is a really popular game played in lots of countries around Europe. So far they are up to 9 countries joining in the fun. Hopefully other countries will join the game in the time.

There are various different syndicate groups to choose between, but one of their favourites is this review of the You Play We Play syndicate. Mainly as it just gives you a simple straightforward better chance of winning.

The thing about playing together in a group is not only that it’s more fun, but you always get a better chance of winning with a good team 🙂